Established in 1969 – Celebrating 50 Years

Contest Division Details and Rules


Class #1: 45 min. Modify One pair of Kerckheart keg standards size 1 to a front pattern with a fullered lateral heel, deep seated, toe clips

Class #2: 55 min. Pair of plain stamped hinds with safe toe, quarter clips, six nails E4. 11 1/2”x  5/16” x ¾”

Class #3: 90 min. Plain stamped right front bar shoe, six E4, 14” x 5/16” x ¾” and pair of Kerckheart #1 standard hinds with quarter clips

Class #4: 60 min. Live Shoeing Keg shoe with toe clip, Specimen, plain stamped left front shoe with toe clip, 6 nails E6, 12” x 3/8” x  3/4”



Class #1 : 50 min. Set of four plain stamped shoes  3/8 x 3/4, Fronts 11 ½”, punched for 6 nails 5 Slim, toe clips; Hinds 11”, punched for 6 nails 5 Slim, quarter clips

Class #2:  45 min. Pair of front fullered straight bars, 14” x 3/8 x ¾“, punched for 6 nails 5 Slim

Class #3:  90 min. Specialty Forging Class; Hind Caulk & Wedge Shoe, 10” x ½“ x ¾”, bob punched toe clip, fullered, punched for 6 nails E4 Slim, 4 5/8” wide x 5 ¼” long; Aluminum Toe Extension, 4 ½” x ½“ x 1 ¼“, reverse wedge shoe, punched for 6 nails 3.5 Race nails, measures 3 ¾” wide x 4 7/16” long; Sliding Plate, 10” x ¼” x 1 ¼”, punched for 8 nails 4.5 Race, measures 4 5/8” wide x 5 5/8” long

Class #4: 60 min. Live shoeing, Plain stamped with toe clip front or quarter clips hinds on the foot. Specimen, full fullered left front, toe clip, 6 nails E6 12” x 3/8” x 1”


OPEN DIVISION (AFA rules apply)

Class #1: 50 min.  Pair fronts, fullered, toe clip, punched for 5 city slim nails, hammer finished, 3/8“ x ¾“ x 12, measures 5 3/16” x 5 3/16” & Pair hinds, fullered, quarter clips, punched for 5 City slim, hammer finish, 3/8 x 3/4 x 11 ½, measures 4 ¾”wide x 5 3/16” long

Class #2: 45 min. Fullered front, 12” x 3/8“ x ¾“, toe clip, punched for 5 City or 5 Slim, measures 5 3/16” wide x 5” long; Hind Roadster, 11” x ½“ x 1”, hammer drawn clip, punched for 6 ESL, measures 5” wide x 5 5/8” long
Class #3: 90 min. Three shoes from the AFA Specialty Forging pool To Be Announced at competitors meeting

Class #4: 60 min. Live Shoeing Front foot shod with 3/8” x 3/4 “, fullered, toe clip, punched for 5 City or 5 Slim.  Specimen Roadster, 11” x ½“ x 1”, punched for 6 E6 Slim, 5” wide (tolerance +/- 2millimeters)


One pair of front shoes from 18” of ½” x 1 ¼”, hammer drawn toe clip, scotch heels, fullered, and punched for 8 E10; and one pair of hind shoes from 17” of ½” x 1 ¼”, hammer drawn toe clip, scotch heels, fullered, and punched for 7 E10  (70 min class)  AFA Rules

THREE MAN TEAM DRAFT CLASS (Two 90 minute Rounds)

One fullered front shoe, toe clip, & One fullered hind shoe, toe clip, on the horse, ½” x 1 ¼”.

Specimen shoes:

Shoe 1) Left Front Bevel Shoe, plain stamped, Bob punched, toe clip, hammer finish, 8 nails E10, 17” x ½“ x 1 ¼“

Shoe 2) Right Hind, plain stamped, hammer drawn toe clip, 7 nails E8, 15” x ½“ x 1 ¼”

Shoe 3) Right Front full fullered, toe clip, 8 nails E7, 14” x ½ “x 1”

No more than two Open division competitors per team


REGISTRATION FEES: Farriers –  $100.00 for 3 days or $40.00 per day

Non-farrier Horse owners – $10.00 per day



Live Shoeing  & Forging Classes:   $35.00 per class

Two Man Live Shoeing Class:  $35.00 per team-mate

Three Man Team Draft Class:  $30.00 per team-mate

Banquet:                          Enhanced Menu for 50th Anniversary

Contest Rules:

  1. YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR LIVE SHOEING ~ everyone gets the chance to win our wonderful travel trophy in honor of Robert Reaume and a Rusty Brown Money Clip to keep for the Best shod foot Award.
  2. The use of mechanical devices is prohibited.
  3. Rasping is permitted unless otherwise specified.
  4. Specimen shoes will be provided for Novice and Three Man Draft Class.
  5. Abusive or unprofessional behavior will be grounds for disqualification with entry fees forfeited.
  6. All competitors must have free standing units.
  7. Judge’s decision is final.
  8. Horses will be determined for contestants by the means of a drawing.
  9. All entries made during the contest become property of the  MHA.  Shoes may be returned to competitors after the banquet.
  10. A suitable nail is to be used unless otherwise specified.
  11. No practice steel will be available.
  12. Changes to the schedule and events can be made at the discretion of the MHA Contest and/or judge.
  13. Any circumstances not covered here will be resolved by the contest Judge.
  14. All contestants are asked to bring a hand made item which will be donated to the auction.  Thank-you!
  15. Jackpot Fun Forging class winner is determined by largest price in the live auction.  GRAB A PARTNER & JUMP IN THE FUN!
  16. Creative Forging Class There is a no entry fee.  You do not have to enter any of the other classes and items should be made at home prior to the contest.  Judging will be by the public.  All items must be donated to the auction. We request that everyone enters this class. (Receive a registration discount when you enter) Sponsored by Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association. MABA membership to winner! MABA logo and burning coal


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