Established in 1969 – Celebrating 50 Years

About the MHA


The Michigan Horseshoers Association began in 1969. It is an organization which provides services to the horse owning population of the State. As the years have passed the number of horses in Michigan has grown, and so has the MHA. Without the support of volunteers and sponsors, it would be impossible for the MHA to meet the demands requested of the organization. The Michigan Horseshoers Association was the first Professional Farrier Association in the United States. Two years later the American Farriers Association was formed and based originally upon the profile created by our Michigan Association.

Contests and Clinics

The Michigan Horseshoers Association has been all about training from the very start. Our Annual  Contest & Clinic is held in January each year. It takes place inside the heated, well lit arena floor of the Michigan State University Livestock Pavilion located  in East Lansing Michigan. We play host to competitors from many States and Canada. The Clinician/Judge we invite is always a well respected farrier who is known through-out the equine community. Veterinarians and Vendors also participate by giving clinics on trends in the farrier or blacksmithing industry. These events include vendor displays and sales, side competitions that are for fun and bragging rights, a pizza night and another awards banquet night with a benefit Auction.

Passing on Tradition and Knowledge

The traditions, skills and knowledge of the farrier industry are passed from generation to generation through membership in groups like the Michigan Horseshoers Association. Belonging to the MHA gives each farrier an opportunity to meet other Michigan farriers, especially the ones with certification who can impart their knowledge. If it weren’t for the MHA they might never come in contact with others who share roles in the industry.