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With the proliferation of video on the web there are a lot of resources for training, education and humor too. On our Video pages we will endeavor to share some of the things we've found or that members have shared with us. Not everyone has a Facebook account so posting videos here gives the non-Facebook person another option for viewing videos shared by other members. If you come across something of special interest, whether it be educational or humorous be sure to let us know so that we can post it here.


Hank Detweiler - Our Favorite Auctioneer


Tom Willoughby - Indiana Farrier, Blacksmith, Songwriter and Singer -
One of our Favorites!





Prepare a Jim Quick

hoof gouge


Jennifer Horn - Advice to Young Farriers



Sharpening a Hoof Knife


And on the LIGHTER Side, LOL



Irresponsible Owner resulted in

Horse with grossly over-grown Hooves