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The Michigan Horseshoers Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote and further the interests of all horseshoers in the State of Michigan.

Our Goals:

  •  Inform members of the newest techniques and ideas;
  • Cultivate friendship and understanding among members;
  • Encourage the highest quality of workmanship possible;
  • Cooperate with other related associations and groups to further good horsemanship;
  • Encourage members to exchange information and ideas
  • Further good horsemanship and provide education to owners, trainers and peers

michigan horseshoers association's
47 th annual contest and clinic

JANUARY 7, 8, 9, 2016

2016 Contest and Clinic was a great success! Join us in 2017

Click here to see the results of the 2016 Contest


13th annual International Hoof Care Summit Feb 2-5, 2016 in Cincinnati, OH

See the Calendar listings for more Details

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making feet look good

People are always concerned about the look of their feet, and often they sacrifice the health of their bones and joints just to be fashionable. Farrier members of the Michigan Horseshoers Association are concerned about the health of your horse, and making the horse foot look good is secondary to doing proper trims and shoeing while never sacrificing the health of the horse simply to make 'pretty feet'. However, a well shod horse hoof is always a 'good looking foot'. Professional Farriers provide trimming and shoeing services that benefit the total health of their client's horse. A 'sound foot' is important for a healthy horse. No Hoof, No Horse!

strike iron while it's hot

There's a rule of thumb for both Farriers and Blacksmiths that says to strike your iron while it's hot because that's when you'll accomplish the most in forming the metal. Farriers know all to well the value of this rule of thumb.The members of the Michigan Horseshoers Association are full-time Farriers!  What is a Farrier, you ask? The proper name for a Horseshoer is "Farrier". As professionals our members participate in Clinics throughout their career as a means of continuing education and self-improvement. These Clinics provide an opportunity for the Farrier to keep up with the most current technology in the horseshoeing industry. Clinics are presented by Veterinarians, renown Farriers and suppliers of products for the industry. Often these Clinics are part of national events that include Contests where the Farrier challenges his skill level by competing against other Farriers. These Contests involve every aspect of hoof care and shoeing skill. The Contests events are timed and judged by Farrier Judges who also serve as Clinicians and share their experience and expertise. Taking advantage of the educational advantage of these Clinics and Contests is just another way our members "strike iron while it's hot!" It proves itself in better service to the horse, the horse owner as well as to the skill of the Farrier.

The Michigan Horseshoers Association maintains a Facebook account where many members and their 'Friends' can read day to day posts. Although you may join or 'Friend' the MHA Facebook site please remember to use this website as well. Not everyone has a Facebook account, some don't want one, others use another social media service so maintaining a website is our effort to make news and information available to everyone regardless.



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